Finishline Fencing Pricing
White Finishline
1,320ft Spool | 2,000ft Spool
$265/spool | $365/spool
Black Finishline
2,000ft Spool
One-Way Anchor Vice
Holds tension at corner/anchor posts
GP No.2
Holds tension at corner/anchor posts
Repairing and Splicing
Wire Link
Repairing and Splicing
PerimeterLine Fencing
White PerimeterLine Fencing
2,640ft Coil
PerimeterLine Splicer

One-Way Vice
Holds tension at corner/anchor posts
Gripple D6
holds tension at corner/anchor posts
Post Attachment Accessories
Staple Insulators
For Wood Posts
$9/bag of 50
Wood Post Insulators
Without Nails, black or white
$8/bag of 25
T-Post Insulators
For Metal Posts, snap on
$8/bag of 25
T-Post Vinyl Sarefty Top
Fits on all T-Posts
$10/bag of 10
T-Post Topper
Has opening to hold electric line
$9/bag of 10
Inside Corner Rollers
Rollers are drilled into corner posts
$18/box of 10
Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool
A simple lightweight device used to easily tension Finishline. Can be used on wire as well.
$75 each
Monofilament Cutters
Designed to cleanly and easily cut Finishline Fencing. These cutters are rust resistant and non-gumming.
$25 each
Timeless T-Post Pricing
Size     -     Price
  6' x 1.75"     -     $7.99/each
6.5' X 1.75"     -     $8.65/each 
  7' X 1.75"     -     $10.20/each
    6' X 1.5"     -     $7.25/each
For other sizes, please call us at 877-625-6100