Dura-Line monofilament (Polyamide) is ideal for trellising requirements in vineyards and fruit orchards. Other applications for Dura-line include all fencing and protective netting installations.  Dura-line is a viable alternative to High Tensile wire.

  Dura-Line's excellent properties are based on the use of a high-quality raw material and on a rigorous production procedure. A UV and weather-resistant line, Dura-Line users enjoy economical and long-lasting service.  
  Other applications of Dura-Line monofilament include shading and roofing installations for greenhouses. Unlike steel and aluminum, it has excellent stability against heat which effectively prevents melting or damage to the plastic film covers in greenhouses.  
  The Dura-Line Difference:  
  • High-tensile polyamide (PA6)
  • Low-elongation
  • UV and weather-stabilized
  • Black color provides higher protection against all weather conditions

* “Bayco” is the European trade name for Dura-Line.



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