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Bayco® Finishline Horse Fence is the original and only warranted horse fence of its kind. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Finishline Horse Fence is as strong as wire fences with 1250 lbs of breaking strength per strand.  It is protected by vital UV inhibitors that maintain product strength, flexibility and beautiful appearance for years.
Finishline Horse Fence is lightweight and easy to install.  It can be used with any type of post.  So whether you pick T-Posts, Wood Posts or Vinyl, Finishline Horse Fence will look beautiful and safely contain your horses.
Due to it containing no wire, it will not lose tension and is safe for your horses- Therefore, no cut skin; no torn tendons; no broken limbs.  These factors make the product virtually maintenance free which can give you peace of mind.
Don’t waste your time repairing fences and looking at unsightly sagging lines.  Finishline Horse Fence delivers… You will not be disappointed!

Finishline comes in both black and white!

bullet Maintenance Free Horse Fencing
bullet Will not lose tension between -40 and 128 degrees F
bullet Breaking Strength 1250lbs/strand
bullet Patented UV protection
bullet 2000 feet / spool
bullet Easy installation
bullet Each spool weighs only 24lbs




Why Finishline?

Bayco® Finishline Horse Fence is the ideal fencing material for containing your horses. A horse fence that will protect but not harm. Choose Bayco® Finishline for your horse fencing project and for your peace of mind.

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